What's up guys! Thanks for checking out our website. Here's just a little glimpse into who we are...

We're a husband and wife team out of Franklin, TN.  We love to travel and see the world, so that means if you're not from the area...who cares!  We're still willing to work with you in being your photographers or videographers.  

Greg's from Melbourne, Australia and I (Jess) am pretty much from Franklin, TN.  I was actually born in California, but moved here before my first memory so this is home.  We met in Australia in 2008 when I went over there for school, fell in love, suffered 3 years of long LONG distance, then finally got married here in TN in 2012 after fighting through some red tape concerning visas.  Have you ever seen Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds movie The Proposal.  Yeah....it's pretty accurate! 

We have two little daughters, Cali (born September 2017) & Alyza (born June 2019), who are our inspiration every day.  Waking up each day and raising these precious little gifts from God is, at times, more than our hearts can handle.  Maybe, if you're living right, you'll get to meet our little angels some day ;-)

We love animals- sooooo if you want lil' SueSue (or whatever your animal's name is) in your shoot, be it family, engagement, wedding, etc. then trust us, we're more than ok with that and have plenty of experience in photographing dogs.  A dog treat sitting right on top of the lens usually does the trick.  Actually, let me backtrack, we're experienced with DOGS....if you want your cat in your shoot, oh my gosh PLEASE hire us because that....would...be....AWESOME (and a first for us)!
Also, food.  We love food.  I mean, I guess everyone does.  If you don't...that's weird. 
Anyway, that's all I got for now.  If you want to know more then shoot us an email or call and let's chat! Looking forward to hearing from you!

-Greg and Jess-