Dog Blog! | Nashville Wedding & Family Photographer

Greg and I pretty much have 3 children.  I mean, yeah, only 1 of them is human, but the other 2 are the most adorable and sometimes extremely annoying, but still so lovable puppy daughters.  The oldest who is 5 is a Great Dane/Lab mix and the 4 year old is a Heeler/something-or-other mix (possibly boxer).  Everyone said that when we had a kid things would change with our dogs.  Uhhh..... FALSE!!  We are still obsessed with our pups and wouldn't have it any other way.  Are they too spoiled?  Yes.  Do they get away with a lot.  Maybe (cuz they're so cute tho!). Are they cuter than any other dog on the face of this planet (sorry other dog lovers).... HECK YES!  

All that to say... we LOOOOVVVEEE when people want to incorporate their own furbabies into a shoot- be it wedding, engagement, family, newborn, maternity, etc.  They say photographing animals and kids is the hardest, but what the heck... we're up for the challenge!  Bring on the poochies!  We love us some animals and wanna share some of our shots we've taken over the years where our clients brought along their furchildren.  

I dare you to try NOT to go buy... I mean rescue ;-) another dog after seeing these photos.  Oh, and I dare you to try to say DOG BLOG DOG BLOG DOG BLOG! 3 times fast.  Ready???  GO! 

PS - We had to have our 'kids' kick off our dog blog!